Battle Cry: Shiloh, Part Three

As it turns out, we were not able to finish the game until Sunday afternoon, after finishing farm chores and a wee bit of shop work; so without further delay here is the last part of this battle report…

Turn 13
  • CSA Skirmishing on Left results in USA unit elimination
  • USA Attack on Right scores hits on CSA Artillery
  • Each side has Lost 1 Unit
    • CSA Casualties @ 7
    • USA Casualties @ 9

Turn 14

  • CSA Probe in Center scores hit on USA Battery in woods
  • USA Force Marches Infantry in Center and Attacks causing 2 CSA casualties
Turn 15
  • CSA Skirmishing on Right Eliminates USA Infantry unit
  • USA Attacks in Center inflicting 9 casualties and Eliminating 2 CSA units
  • Loses so far:
    • CSA
      • 3 Eliminated units
      • 18 total Casualties
    • USA
      • 2 Eliminated units
      • 13 total Casualties

End of turn 15

Turn 16
  • CSA maneuvers in Center, entering the Hornets Nest
  • USA maintains pressure in Center; pushing back CSA Infantry and Eliminating CSA Artillery battery
Turn 17
  • CSA Rallies troops on Right
  • USA Skirmishing on Right Silences another Artillery battery
Turn 18
  • CSA Coordinated Attack; No Effect on Right, inflicting Minor casualties in Center with Artillery on Left dislodging USA Infantry from positions in the woods
  • USA Counter Attacks; inflicting casualties Left and Center
  • Loses so far:
    • CSA
      • 4 Eliminated units
      • 23 total casualties
    • USA
      • 2 Eliminated units
      • 15 total casualties

End of turn 18

Turn 19

  • CSA Generals take Aggressive Action! Action results in 4 USA casualties in the Center
  • USA massive Artillery Bombardment! Last of the CSA Artillery has been silenced; additional Infantry casualties inflicted in the Center
Turn 20
  • CSA Attack in Center Eliminates USA Infantry unit
  • USA Artillery in Center opens fire, Eliminating the 6th CSA unit! Game Over!
  • Loses at end of game:
    • CSA
      • 6 Eliminated units
      • 28 total casualties
    • USA
      • 3 Eliminated units
      • 20 total casualties
It seems to me like our games always last about 20 turns, with maybe 5 or 6 cards remaining before shuffle.
This game went the opposite of my expectations. I was sure the CSA would pull off a victory. However, around turn 16 the tables decisively turned in favor of the USA, who in turn had a run of good fortune and was able to continue to press the attack.
We shall see how round 2 comes out…
We usually play each scenario at least twice, typically looking for best 2 out of 3; switching side after the first game. For the third game, if needed, player eliminating the Most units (in the previous 2 games) chooses preferred side.
I’ve been toying with the idea of using Twitter to report on the next game. I’m pretty sure we can report on each turn in two (2) 140 character posts (one for each side). What do you think of the idea?

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