We are still here…

It has been a long summer here at HistoriFigs HQ…

For most of the summer Alison and Liam were out of town, out west taking care of the necessities of her mothers estate/trust. All the while I was home taking care of the daily farm chores and the like – as well as a fairly busy work schedule.

Finding time for casting and mold making has been difficult this summer – I’m still behind on a handful of orders and projects, but should be able to get caught up as soon as Alison gets back from her latest trek west next week. We will have another, slowdown, this time planned, end of September when Liz, my oldest, gets married. If all remains as planned we should be back to more or less normal early October (fingers crossed).

As soon as we get caught up with casting and orders, there will be some new releases to finish up. For sure there will be somethign new for the Blasted Planets line and we will finally start listing some of the 25mm Bloodaxe Miniatures figures we have in molds. After that I’ll get back to the 20mm Napoleonic remold project. I have at least 2 new molds lined up.

As we start to wind down the year, I’ll be looking at how we reshape things for next year. Right now I’m looking at scaling back the amount of custom work we do. This means less contract molding and casting (I’ve already turned down a fair number of projects) and more focus on re-molding projects and the like. More as plans take shape.

On the miniature gaming from, I’ve started to map out some of our winter gaming projects. it is looking like our two biggest projects will be WWII themed. One will be early war (France 1940-ish) using the Bolt Action rules, but with 15mm (Resistant Roosters and Bloodaxe Miniatures) figures. The other will be my long delayed N-Gauge Afrika Korps project; likely using the Jagdpanzer 2nd edition rules.

We have plenty of figures lined up on the photography table and when Alison gets back (after Labor Day weekend) the photo project is first on her list (unless casting is still backed up).

More news soon…


Scruby 25mm Medievals via the 1/72 Multiverse

Time for another peek at what folks on the web have to say about Scruby Miniatures. This time we reach back to 1 March 2013 and point you to a post on the 1/72 Multiverse Blog.

1/72 Medieval

A few highlights from the post:

Scruby’s Military Miniatures are from before my time, but I had often heard that the old 25mm figures were in fact ~1 inch tall, making them dead-on for 1/72 scale.


… I noticed was that HistoriFigs really takes the time to finish their miniatures. All of the bases were filed down …


… I think that they possess a simple utilitarian charm that is often lost in modern sculpts that are more suitable for a display case than a gaming table.

I’ll leave it to you to visit the 1/72 Multiverse to read the full posting. There you will find some additional commentary on the figures along with some pictures.

25mm Scruby Medieval


The Eagle Has Landed

Literary Muster – The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed is a classic novel of the spy thriller genre. Set during World War Two; where a unit of German paratroopers and an Irish revolutionary infiltrate England to try to kidnap Churchill. When their cover story is blown they have to try to complete their mission against impossible odds.

The story is slow placed until the Fallschirmjäger land in England, the tension then develops steadily. Once in England, the pace accelerates to create an action-packed last quarter with a stunning final twist.

If you haven’t yet read this book and are a fan of classic spy thrillers this book is a must read. As a war gamer, you will be able to pickup a few ideas for some interesting alternative history based skirmish scenarios.

The Eagle Has Landed – By Jack Higgins
Originally published 1975, 400 pages (paperback version)