British Guards

We all know that Jack Scruby’s theme at the Soldier Factory was British Guardsmen. A theme that until now has had little in the way of representation from HistoriFigs.

British Guardsmen

One of the projects that I’ve been putting off is the remolding of the 30mm British Guardsmen, in 1960s uniform (sorry, the only photograph I could find was of guardsmen in current uniform). We had just one small problem; the master and pattern castings for the rifles were AWOL! Well, the originals are still missing – however, I have finally reproduced the needed piece and have them ready to mold.

The patterns are in the mold shop, awaiting a molding date. My plan is to fit these in to the next open slot. Should be by the end of the month, just in time for my birthday in early May.

However, if you really want and need some sooner, let us know and I’m sure my arm can be twisted to mold them sooner.

We have enough variety to make up a dandy little ceremonial review or some such!

Our Guardsmen are dressed in 1960 dress uniform, bearskin, etc.

1570 ... Guardsman, bearskin, standing at attention
1571 ... Guards Officer, standing at attention
1572 ... Guardsman, standing, sloped rifle
1573 ... Guardsman, marching, sloped rifle

Note: some assembly required for 1572 and 1573

Look for more news later in the week.

Ådalen Miniatures New Releases

The new Ådalen Miniatures releases have been posted to the Ådalen Miniatures website.

New Releases:

Medium Machine Gun (ksp m/14) with crew (4) figures:
Two (2) crew (gunner and loader) in m/10 uniform and m/23 cap
One (1) NCO and One (1) Spotter/observer in m/10 uniform




81mm Mortar (grk m/29) with crew (4) figures:
Two (2) crew in m/10 uniform
One (1) NCO and One (1) Spotter/observer in m/10 uniform





Adalen Rifleman

We are still working on the final set of photos, so for now we are still showing a few greens and the mortar set photos are incomplete.






Two (2) riflemen, kneeling, in m/10 uniform and m/21 (flat) helmet


Blooadaxe GNW in Action

I know that I’ve mention the Bloodaxe Miniatures GNW figures a few different times in the past. I do believe that I’ve even talked a wee bit about my own GNW project that is slated to get rolling this year (April is my current plan). I may even have shown a few pictures, but not any pictures of the figures in action.

Jeff, a long time Bloodaxe Miniatures GNW war gamer, runs the Saxe-Bearstein blog where, among other things he reports on the happenings of his 18th century ImagiNation. Recently, Jeff granted permission to reuse his photos featuring the Bloodaxe Miniatures from his collection.

So, today I thought it would be a good idea to share a couple pictures from Jeff’s blog. These picture accompanied the post from 26 March 2013 and depict a war game battle fought about 7 years ago.




We hope you enjoy the pictures and will pay Saxe-Bearstein a visit when you are next looking for something new on the web.