Scruby 25mm Medievals via the 1/72 Multiverse

Time for another peek at what folks on the web have to say about Scruby Miniatures. This time we reach back to 1 March 2013 and point you to a post on the 1/72 Multiverse Blog.

1/72 Medieval

A few highlights from the post:

Scruby’s Military Miniatures are from before my time, but I had often heard that the old 25mm figures were in fact ~1 inch tall, making them dead-on for 1/72 scale.


… I noticed was that HistoriFigs really takes the time to finish their miniatures. All of the bases were filed down …


… I think that they possess a simple utilitarian charm that is often lost in modern sculpts that are more suitable for a display case than a gaming table.

I’ll leave it to you to visit the 1/72 Multiverse to read the full posting. There you will find some additional commentary on the figures along with some pictures.

25mm Scruby Medieval


The Eagle Has Landed

Literary Muster – The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed is a classic novel of the spy thriller genre. Set during World War Two; where a unit of German paratroopers and an Irish revolutionary infiltrate England to try to kidnap Churchill. When their cover story is blown they have to try to complete their mission against impossible odds.

The story is slow placed until the Fallschirmjäger land in England, the tension then develops steadily. Once in England, the pace accelerates to create an action-packed last quarter with a stunning final twist.

If you haven’t yet read this book and are a fan of classic spy thrillers this book is a must read. As a war gamer, you will be able to pickup a few ideas for some interesting alternative history based skirmish scenarios.

The Eagle Has Landed – By Jack Higgins
Originally published 1975, 400 pages (paperback version)

Crimean War Russian Dragoon

We like finding pictures of Scruby Miniatures on the web. Today we bring you a link to blog posting from the 20th of April 2014

25mm Russian Dragoon, Crimean War

Looks like Bob the Old painter has an pretty interesting project in the works. I’ll be adding this site to my list of sites to follow. Why not take a peek your self? Go ahead, it is only a click away:

Coming up next time: More 54mm re-molds, American Revolution is the theme this time around.


TT-245 American Continental, frock, advancing-cheering, 1778 shown in this workbench snapshot.

British Guards

We all know that Jack Scruby’s theme at the Soldier Factory was British Guardsmen. A theme that until now has had little in the way of representation from HistoriFigs.

British Guardsmen

One of the projects that I’ve been putting off is the remolding of the 30mm British Guardsmen, in 1960s uniform (sorry, the only photograph I could find was of guardsmen in current uniform). We had just one small problem; the master and pattern castings for the rifles were AWOL! Well, the originals are still missing – however, I have finally reproduced the needed piece and have them ready to mold.

The patterns are in the mold shop, awaiting a molding date. My plan is to fit these in to the next open slot. Should be by the end of the month, just in time for my birthday in early May.

However, if you really want and need some sooner, let us know and I’m sure my arm can be twisted to mold them sooner.

We have enough variety to make up a dandy little ceremonial review or some such!

Our Guardsmen are dressed in 1960 dress uniform, bearskin, etc.

1570 ... Guardsman, bearskin, standing at attention
1571 ... Guards Officer, standing at attention
1572 ... Guardsman, standing, sloped rifle
1573 ... Guardsman, marching, sloped rifle

Note: some assembly required for 1572 and 1573

Look for more news later in the week.