Painting Horses (fast)

I always struggle when it comes to painting horses. I though they were a royal paint to cast, but maybe they are just hard all the way around. Of course some of it could just be me :)

Well, I know for sure that horses can be a chore to paint, and it just happens that HistoriFigs friend, Jeff Hudelson, has recently posted an article on his Project ECW blog covering how he paints horses.

Project ECW

If you have an interest in a fast painting method for horses, why not pop on over and take a look at Jeff’s posting. Maybe you will find something useful for your own projects.

“A Sergeant’s War”

A Sergeant’s War is a new set of war game rules for small unit combat in WWII written by Nathaniel Weber and available as a PDF from the Wargame Vault, priced at $11.99.

A Sergeant's WarYou might even recognize some of those US Marines pictured on the cover.

I’ve not had a change to take these rules for a spin yet, but Nathaniel has posted a nice write up over on the The Miniatures Page. so be sure to pop on over and have a read.

You will be seeing more from Nathaniel in the form of pictures; he has completed a couple of painting projects for us with at least one more in the pipeline. We will be posting pictures in the near future…



A Strategy Tactical War Game

Coming soon, very soon…

A Strategy Tactical War Game, compiled by Jack Scruby.

This will be facsimile reprint, similar to the All About War Games book in format. Only this time with a twist! The original booklet was mimeographed (as was the norm for Jack Scruby at the time). Our new booklet will have the same look, down to the yellow Mimio paper stock. I came upon a stash of Mimio paper stock and we will be suing this paper for the first print run of A Strategy Tactical War Game. In our new edition, all of the original (interior) content will be printed on authentic (yellow) Mimio paper stock, while any new content will be presented on modern (white) paper stock. The cover will be card stock and will likely vary in color – meaning we may not standardize on a single cover stock (we have lots of card stock on hand, so while spend $ when we don’t have too?).

The first prototype booklets are in hand and they look good. Our final pieces are: cover layout and an introduction to this new print edition.

No price has been set as of yet, but this booklet will come in at $10 or less shipped to US addresses (international shipping slightly higher).

In closing we would also like to let you know that the All About War Games is back! We have moved to a print on demand model for this book. As such we will be able to provide copies when needed without need to wait for sufficient demand to justify a full print run. Be sure to check out our Table Top Talk Press page for ordering information.

Lastly, look for more printed projects during 2015; Fire and Charge , and perhaps even a new printed edition of Table Top Talk, tentatively an annual publication formatted much as was the CHARGE! magazine published by Scott Mingus…

Plenty more to talk/write about, check back for more.

Scruby Fantasy Figures : Workbench Photo

I’ve been reading a bit about war gaming and fantasy roleplaying games in the 1970s, which in-turn got me re-interested in fantasy war games with Scruby fantasy miniatures.

While I have a small collection of painted Scruby fantasy figures, none are painted to a very high standard. As such we decided to check with one of our HistoriFigs friends, Nathaniel, in Texas to see if he would be interested in painting some examples for us…

Yesterday he sent some quick picture showing his progress. We like what we see in the pictures and decided to share one of the pictures with all of you. So without further delay, a pictures from Nataniel’s painting table:

Scruby Fantasy Miniatures

Scruby Fantasy Miniatures


Judges Guild’s Bob & Bill: A Cautionary Tale

Life and work has been quite busy of late; while I haven’t been able to find time for larger projects, I can always squeeze in a few minutes here and there for reading. One of the books I have read recently is Judges Guild’s Bob & Bill: A Cautionary Tale by  Bill Owen.


A new, third, edition of Judges Guild’s Bob & Bill: A Cautionary Tale has been released for the Kindle (available via Amazon for $4.99). This is a newly updated and expanded edition which covers Bill Owen’s early gaming experience, how he met Bob Bledsaw and how they created the the original Judges Guild. This new edition includes additional photos as well as new text discussing Bill’s memories.

I found this to be an interesting read. The editing could be improved, but overall an enjoyable look into a piece of our hobby.