The Battle of Jordan River

This tactical Problem is taken from the January 1966 issue of Table Top Talk. I have only included minor edits have been included in this republication…

This tactical problem along with many more will be included in the upcoming “Best of Table Top Talk” publication. It has been presented here to give you a taste of what will be included in this new publication form HistoriFigs.

Do you recognize the place names on this map?

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The Battle of Jordan River (PDF format)

The Battle of Jordan River

Note: Map is scaled for an 8ft by 6ft table top

The Battle of Jordan River is a tactical problem in which Red Force, led by the reader, will attempt to cross the river and secure a good bridge head on the North bank of the River in 14 game moves.

Blue Force, led by the readers opponent, will try to hold the entire north bank of the River, and if he is able to knock out any bridgehead secured by Red before the end of the game, his defense will have been successful.

TTT is making no attempt to set up the forces for this type of a battle, so Red and Blue players will set the forces listed below up at the start of the battle as they see fit. Blue player must set his army down on the table top prior to Red doing so, but Red player must have already set up his forces on paper before this. Blue player may occupy everything north of the River; Red player must bring his troops onto the table beginning with the first game move. He may hold off any troops he wants during the game, and bring them onto the table top when he wishes. However, these troops cannot move “off the table” and must come in at the position designated by him before the game (on his secret map).

There is one “gimmick” to this game. BLUE player does NOT know that at either Point A or B (on the map) is a little-known FORD by which men can cross the river. However, a local citizen has told Red commander about it. In secret, Red player will roll one die ­if he rolls a 1, 2 or 3 then Ford A is the secret ford. If he rolls 4, 5 or 6 then Ford B is the secret ford. Red player may not roll this until after the 2nd game move! No one can cross the river except by the bridges or the single secret Ford (when it is discovered by Red). The bridges are made of stone, and Blue cannot destroy them. Blue player cannot cross over the river to launch an offense until the 8th game move. Up until then he is on the defensive. After that he may launch counterattacks if he wants.

Blue Force consists of:
8 Line infantry units, 1 Guard infantry unit, 5 cannons, 2 heavy cavalry units.

Blue Force Orders: Hold the north bank of the Jordan River for 14 moves.

Red Force consists of:
8 line infantry units, 1 Guard infantry unit, 1 Light Infantry unit, 3 cannons, 2 light cavalry units, 2 heavy cavalry units.

Red Force Orders: secure a beachhead which can be held against enemy counter-attacks by the 14th game move, or retire.