Grand Army – VI. Morale


Morale is checked, if necessary, before a unit moves or as a result of a charge or melee. The numbers on the Morale Chart represent the minimum throw on one 6-sided die necessary to carry out a movement. For example, if you want a two-stand unit, in the open and in sight of the enemy, to charge, you will have to throw 4 or higher. But note:

  • You must announce what your order for that unit is before you roll.
  • The die roll is adjusted by certain modifiers shown on the Chart.
  • If your roll is not high enough to allow the unit to perform the move ordered, skip down the column to the “–“. This is what the unit must do. For instance, if, in the above example, a 3 is rolled for the 2-stand unit ordered to charge, it cannot. So, instead, it must stand fast.

Morale Table (PDF file)