The French Irish Regiment

This short piece has appeared in a number of Scruby publications and is credited as a “Staff” article. Minor updates and corrections have been included.
– Mike Taber August 2004


The Legion Irlandaise was formed under the Consulate in April, 1803, as the first of the Irish battalions raised during the French Revolution. In 1805 it was renamed the Reg­iment Irlandais. A 2nd battalion was raised in 1809 and expanded later into 5 battalions.

The original 2 battalions were pure Irish, but the later battalions incorporated various other nationalities. In August, 1811, they were renamed the 3rd Foreign Regiment.

Each battalion was organized along French lines – one Grenadier, one Voltigeur and four (4) Fusilier companies.

The Regiment Irlandais will make a fine and colorful battalion for your Napoleonic wargame army. And it is especially nice be­cause any HistoriFigs/Scruby Miniature of a French Vo­ltigeur* can be used to make Grenadiers, Voltigeurs and Fusiliers of this regiment, since the Fusi­liers wore epaulettes, and the Grenadiers wore shakos. All types also carried the in­fantry saber. Thus, you can take advan­tage of volume discounts in purchasing a battalion to make the Irish Regiment!

The Uniform was cut exactly as that of the Fr­ench line. Coat, vest and pants were med­ium green. Turnbacks, the piping around the green jacket lapels, collar and cuffs were Regimental color. This was Primrose, which is light yellow. Leggings were black as was the shako, with brass chin strap. Buttons are silver, belts white. Finish off with a cowhide knapsack with gray overcoat roll on top.

Grenadiers; red plumes, shako ropes and epaulettes.

Voltigeurs; add primrose band around shako top. The top third of plume is yellow, the bottom two-thirds green. Primrose shako cords. Epaulettes are green with primrose crescent.

Fusilier; Cut off the HistoriFigs/Scruby Miniature Voltigeur’s plume, leaving a round tuft, which is green. White shako cords. Epau1­ettes are green with red crescent.

Sapper (in bear skin bonnet) -black cap with Primrose bag; red epaulettes and other col­ors as for Grenadiers.

Officers; Red plume, gold epaulettes. Otherwise all colors as for men.

* These HistoriFigs/Scruby miniatures may be used to represent the French Irish Regiment

30mm figures include: 1008, 1009, 1010, 1011, 1012, 1013, 1014, 1023 and 1081

25mm figures include: 3042, 3045, 3048, 3051, 3056 and 3073

20mm figures include: 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031, 2041, 2043 and 2056

N-Gauge figures include: NN-2, NN-5, NN-8, NN-64, NN-71 and NN-74