HistoriFigs Enters Winter Quarters

A repeat from the HistoriFigs website…

2016 has been full of challenges…

We’ve been behind schedule all year long, and now we are faced with a new challenge; A few weeks back, Alison broke both wrists. The good news is that her recover progress has been very good. That said it will still be many weeks before she can resume normal activity. This leaves the bulk of farm chores to me. This leaves almost zero free time to cover shop duties (Alison does/did 95% of our casting).

Rather than allowing ourselves to fall even further behind, we have decided to enter Winter Quarters. In other words we will be limiting shipping to “In Stock” items; pretty much anything Bloodaxe Minitatures, Resistant Roosters, Blasted Planets or Adalen Miniatures. The Classic line is mostly cast on demand and production times are, at present, unpredictable.

We expect to exit Winter Quarters in the Spring of 2017; no date set as of yet. but we do expect to be back to normal capacity by mid May. In the meantime, should you need some figures from the Classic line, drop us a note, if we can fulfill the order in a timely manner we will gladly spin the molds for you.

The Military Cast Tour Part 1

Back from our road trip…

Now its time to spill the beans. Our trip to New York, Little Neck, New York (to be more accurate) served two purposes. One being a chance for Alison to catch up with an old friend and the other being to pickup a van load of Toy Soldiers.

By now you are asking: how does this all tie into Military Cast ? Just the short answer for today; Military Cast, was an importer of toy soldiers, military models, and the like. The business was run by Irving Bechky. Alison’s old friend is Allen Bechky, Irving’s youngest son.

Long story short (with more information in future posts); Irving passed away a number of years ago, and his family held onto his personal collection of soldiers as well as all the remaining stock of soldiers. Over the years many of the collection pieces have been sold or given away, but the there were still a number of pieces at the family home in Little Neck. After 60 years, at the same address, the time has come to sell the family home, and as part of the house cleaning and preparations for moving, the soldiers needed to find a new home and that new home is our home.

Over the next few months we will sort and catalog the soldiers, many of which are examples of figures not seen in over 40 years, after which we will make a determination of which pieces will be added to our collection and which will be offered for sale.

Much more information to follow along many more pictures. I’m envisioning a series of un-boxing posts as well as some more background information on Military Cast and the figures they imported.

Since our teaser posts included hints at Kilia and OKI flats we will start today’s photos with a quick shot of a carton containing Kilia and OKI flats, all in original boxes with original packing materials – these are new, old stock packages:

New, old stock Kilia and Oki flats

New, old stock Kilia and Oki flats

Our other teasers concerned SAE and Holger Eriksson figures:

SAE 54mm Soldiers of the World

SAE 54mm Soldiers of the World

SAE, 54mm unpainted

SAE, 54mm unpainted


Some JAL 54mm, Napoleon’s Staff:



I’ll close out today’s photos and post with a photo of the first bit of Military Cast history that we saw upon our arrival:

The Military Cast mailbox...

The Military Cast mailbox…


Look for more pictures and information in the near future. Next time we will have a few pictures from Little Neck along with some more quick pictures from our initial figure review at the Bechky home.



Military Cast Tour 2016 powered by: Pearl Jam Radio and The Red Hot Chili Peppers – long drives require driving music…

Flats and More…

The past week and weekend have been a busy time. Lots of school related activities and then alpaca shearing on Sunday. This week is a bit crazy busy too…

So, nothing new just yet.  However a couple more teaser images today:



More news after the 23rd (unless I can post from the road late next week). At which time we will be able to share some details, and most likely lots of pictures, on my new hobby related project.

First Post of May…

Just a few quick updates today…

  1. The new HistoriFigs website has gone live
    1. A simplified site with downloadable figure listings
    2. Many changes and improvements already in the works
  2. With the launch of the new Historifigs website, all HistoriFigs News will be presented on the News page of the HistoriFigs website
  3. New projects and ventures are just around the corner!
    Still in the process of finalizing things, but as a teaser, I’ll provide this blast from the past (OK, just an ad from 1963 or so)…military-castMay is busy time. Between all things High School (academic activities, varsity sports and band activities for Liam), the usual springtime farm work, alpaca shearing this weekend, a Half Marathon next weekend; followed by a road trip to New York…In other words, news of war games and toy soldiers might well continue to be a bit thin, but I do promise pictures and a write-up of our quick (fast & furious) trip to New York and much more news once we are back home.