Something New

I know, it has been some while since my last posting. Things have been slow, and there really hasn’t been much to write about. So I’ve, well – just been a bit lazy.

I might be lazy, but I haven’t been idle!
You can checkout one of the projects I’ve been working on by popping over to a newly launched web store:
The Adalen Miniatures Store

Adalen Miniatures is a new line of figures we are casting for one of our friends in Sweden. We liked these figures so much that we thought the figures should be made available for purchase. Björn liked the idea, so we have put together and launched a new web store for these new 28mm miniatures – representing the Swedish Army 1910 – 1937.

To learn more about the figures and the Swedish Army of 1910 – 1937 please visit Björn’s blog Adalen Figures

More about these figures and other HistoriFigs happenings in the coming days.

Adalen Miniatures - Swedish Army 1910-1937

Adalen Miniatures - Swedish Army 1910-1937

40mm Americans – American Revolution

As promised, another batch of pictures. This time our 40mm Americans for the American Revolution. The photos, are mostly of the greens; most of which have been cleaned up and molded. There are a few which have yet to be molded, but as with our British, these are on the schedule for completion in the very near future.

And now to our 40mm AWI Americans:

Pictures updated 5 April 2013




















The photos may be a little dark (we are still sorting out lighting with our light box), but should give you a good idea of how the figures look.

Look for more news next week.

Quack Heads

Question of the day: Who Are the Quack Heads and why do they gather dung? Secondly, why do they need an armed guard?

Quack Heads

Quack Heads

The Quack Heads are one of the newest figure sets in the Blasted Planets line of 25mm Science Fiction miniatures. The set consists of three figures; female & male dung gathers and; well we aren’t sure. Is he an armed guard, an overseer? Or what?

With so many questions, perhaps we need a contest? Yes. That’s it a contest to write some short back story for the Quack Heads.

Lets keep this simple. Write a short background piece for the Quack Heads. Entries needn’t be more than a paragraph or two, and it must answer the following questions:

  • Who are the Quack Heads?
  • Why do they gather dung?
  • Who/what is that guy with he rifle?

All entries will receive a free set of Quack Heads. Winning entry  will receive recognition as the ‘official’ back story for the Quack Heads and the author will receive $30 in HistoriFigs credit (can be used towards purchase of any HistoriFigs, Bloodaxe Minaitures, Resistant Rosters, Scruby or Blasted Planets products sold by HistoriFigs. All entries must be received midnight 17 November 2012. Email your entries to: mike at

More soon.


25mm Hebridians Available Now

Figure listing for the Bloodaxe Miniatures 25mm Hebridians have been posted on the Bloodaxe Miniatures site.



Figure are priced at: $1.50 each when ordering 1 to 11 castings (single part number). Or $1.25 each when ordering 12 or more (single part number).

Right now the descriptions are a bit weak, but each part number is accompanied by a photo, so at least the visual will let you know what the figures look like.

More next week.

Ethiopian Waruari

OK, so this is the same day as the last post. Well, I happen to have some time on my hands, while waiting for a database backup (work intrudes), so I figured why not post a couple more photos.

Again from the Bloodaxe Miniatures 15mm First Italo–Ethiopian War range; Ethiopian Waruari aka spearmen.

Ethiopian Waruari (Type 1 Spearmen)
Ethiopian Waruari (Type 1 Spearmen)
Ethiopian Waruari (Type 2 Spearmen)
Ethiopian Waruari (Type 2 Spearmen)

Not sure what will be up next. Perhaps more photos. Or perhaps an update on my Fire and Charge project? We shall see…