Where has January Gone?

Not nearly as productive as I had hoped for this month. But still busy from before sun up to after sundown.

This means, nothing new for January. However, I thought I’d post a quick picture from late last month when I was able to grab a few hours at the painting table. Please remember that I’m not a great painter; best I can say is that I manage to get paint in roughly the right places…

Anyhow, the above photo shows some quick conversion work I did over the holidays. The figure in the center was my starting point. The two flanking figures are the result of my conversion efforts. Nothing fancy here, pretty much a straight head swap along with a new shield. The head and shield are standard bits from Blasted Planets; an orc head and the shield is from the bits box (used on various Blasted Planets figures).

The idea was to create some new fantasy themed figure(s) for use on the game table. So, here we have a simple orc swordsman; he will be joined by a few more variations on same figure – I’ll be doing some sword swaps next. I’ll be adding another basic pose or two as well; conversions all – the others may include some gunpowder weapons. When I’m done, I’ll make a mold and cast up enough pieces to field an orc army or two. I typically paint orcs in two basic colour schemes: goblin-ish green (as seen in the photo) and red. This gives me two factions or tribes; I can use the tribes to distinguish units or I can simply fight a green vs. red battle.

More photos as I complete my various conversions. I’ll be sharing my game ideas as well; right now, I’m toying with a variation on the Commands & Colors system, but may mash things up a bit, since my troop types will be quite basic (infantry with: swords, spears and maybe muskets and perhaps some light cavalry types). I have a couple more busy weeks ahead, so progress will be slow until the first full week in February.

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