When Empires Clash

Bob Cordery, 2014
72 pages

This book presents rules for fighting small battles between European Colonial armies and their opponents during the period 1875 and 1910.

Game uses a gridded field (squares or hexagons) and small armies (typically 12 units per side); a points system is provided to facilitate creation of balanced armies. All measurements are in grid spaces. With games lasting a maximum of 12 turns.

In the opening of the book we learn of the authors motives for this set of war-game rules: a small game, fitting in a small space with a need to support solo play. The next 15 pages cover standard definitions and provides various explanatory diagrams and illustrations.

The general rules, designed with 15mm figures in mind, are presented over the next 10 pages. Here subjects such as points value, terrain, army composition and dice are covered. These are followed by the battle rules; how to fight a battle. These battle rules are covered in 16 pages; complete with examples.

A bit on game play; all measurements, movement and range are by grid spaces – no rulers required. Units are activated one at a time, alternating players until all units on both sides have been activated. Combat is stand vs. stand. for fire combat both players roll, applying factors and compare scores; attackers score must be higher than defenders or combat is ineffective. Resolving close combat also requires both player to roll, again adding/subtracting factors. Attackers score must beat defenders score to be successful; attacker will recoil if not successful.

The last section of the book, Army Lists gives examples of various armies. This is perhaps one of the most valuable parts of the book; points values are fine, but seeing some actual army list examples really helps.

Experienced wargamers wanting to get right into the game will likely skip many parts of the book while the beginning gamer will want to read the entire book. This is a good book for anyone wanting a small Colonial themed wargame, well worth your time and money!

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