Recent Adventures in Painting…

I just realized it has been a while since I made a Post here, more posts have been to the Facebook group…

Gotta be better about posting here and then pointing posts on Facebook to here.

Late November and most of December were a quiet time in the shop, so I took a bit of time to try and catch up on my painting backlog. Made a bunch of headway, but also started several new projects.

I’ve painted a bit of this and a bit of that. Highlights include:

  • Blasted Planets
    • Pachydon
    • Human Infantry in Greatcoats
    • New, project covering a Swords & Sorcery version of the Blasted Planets universe Blasted Planets 100 …
      • Orc Swordsmen
      • Orc Axe-men
      • Human Swordsmen
      • Dino Beasts
  • Colonial
    • 30mm Scruby Zulu
    • 40mm Scruby (Arabs)
    • 25/28mm Bloodaxe (misc.)
  • 15mm Hawaiians
    These will be re-molded as I go (likely completed in February)
  • Misc. 40K figures
  • 54mm Scruby American Civil War
  • Misc. Terrain pieces

Plenty more on the table right now, just in various stages of incompleteness…

Here are a few pictures (sorry, if they are a bit blurry – still having camera problems)

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