War Games by Mail & the International War Game

My research into early war games by mail keeps pulling me in new directions. In this case that is not a bad thing as I keep finding more and more tidbits.

Most recently, I’ve been on the trial of the the International War Game and as luck would have it I found a [small] copy of the map. This map is marked with player’s names. The full sized map, when assembled, was 6′ x 6′ .

Today’s share, mostly out of context, is this map:

International War Game

I’ll provide more context, when I write about this game in the coming weeks.

As a side note: I’d like to recreate this map, perhaps not a full sized 6′ x 6′, but something approaching poster-sized (36″ x 24″) or maybe larger. This is beyond my skill level, but if someone want to give it a try, perhaps we can work something out?

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