Battle Cry: Shiloh

Setup from rules book

Shiloh, Tennessee (first day of battle) — April 6–7, 1862

Battle Cry scenario from page 20 of the 150th [Civil War] Anniversary edition.

Battle Cry has been on the game table since late November; have played few different scenarios. Some solo. Some two player. This is the first time playing the Shiloh scenario.

On the table

The first thing you may notice is that we are not using the playing pieces or game-board from the game. Instead we use a Hotz Command Mat and Scruby 40mm figures.

Not a lot of free time right now, so was only able to fit in six (6) turns last night, so you will be getting this battle report in a few installments…

  1.  Minor maneuvering, a small skirmish initiated by USA resulting in a CS withdrawal
    • CSA action in Center; scores hit on USA Artillery
    • USA in turn Assaults Center resulting in CSA casualty
    • CSA Sharpshooter targets General Prentiss (in Center), but fails to score a hit.
    • USA under command of General Prentiss strikes back, eliminating the first CSA unit!
    • CSA maneuvers on the Right
    • USA coordinated Attack pushes CSA unit from Center sending General Bragg, riding hard to the rear.
    • CSA maneuvers, the previously idle Artillery on the Left
    • USA Infantry in Center Force Marches to better positions
    • CSA Artillery Bombards USA Troops and scores a hit
    • USA Attacks Center, pushing CSA troops back

After six

My pictures are not the best, I will work on getting better pictures going forward. Be sure to check back later in the week for more from Shiloh…

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