Battle Cry: Shiloh, Part Two

It was another busy evening, so only 6 more turns played…

Turns 7 through 12; casualties remain about even, a wee bit of an advantage to the CSA. Plenty of maneuvering, after some reflection, I’m starting to think that the real action is about to begin…

The Hornet’s Nest

  • CSA Probes Right
  • USA counter with Probe on Left
  • CSA Advances Artillery (Left flank)
  • More USA advances on Left
  • CSA Artillery opens fire! resulting in 2 USA causalities and a push back
  • More Advances on USA Left
  • CSA Shuffling into position in Center
  • USA makes further advances on Left flank
  • CSA in motion across the battle field with Attacks on the Left
  • USA Attack on the Left dislodges CSA infantry form position in woods
  • CSA Assault on Right results in USA casualties with one unit dislodged from woods
  • USA maneuvers into position in Center

After 12, CSA View

More from Shiloh on Friday…

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